Social Media Accounts Are Not Easy To Grow

It is hard to get real followers to trust your business and to follow you, let alone click your links. Conversion rates are notoriously extremely low for social media leads even if they’re following your accounts.

Not only is social media usually not that effective for getting conversions, it takes so much work to maintain and keep up to date. Even with tools like Hootesuite, it eats up time replying to comments, liking other people’s pictures and let’s be honest – who has time to go through all their DMs?

Do you find yourself really frustrated with the whole thing? Or are you one of many business owners who abandoned their social media months ago and hasn’t dared looked at their accounts since then?

growing social media accounts is really hard

We Understand Your Situation & We Can Help! 

The reason that people generally don’t get results is because it takes even more time & effort to manage a successful social media account than is expected. On average, each social media account requires 1-2 hours of pure engagement time per day and 1 externally sourced quality content post per day to be successful.

Furthermore, the progression of content is equally as important. Posting links to the product you are trying to sell over and over again for a week is not going to get you any sales. You need to build trust with your audience first. This means equally spaced out posts (no spamming!) and a progression of content. You want to start off with a large focus on content that is going to help them: E.g. An educational article that’s relevant to your niche. Then slowly start putting more and more emphasis on content that is going to help you: E.g. A link to your website where you’re promoting a product for sale.

But Wait! There’s More…

Yes there’s more you have to do to make sure that you’re successful using social media. Your business cannot only rely on one account. This is because relying on one social media account cuts your audience down significantly but not only that! You do not get the necessary SEO benefits with only 1 social media account. Google “sees” your 1 account and thinks to itself

“Hmm, this business doens’t look that legitamate, it’s only got this one little account. We don’t want our users getting scammed or buying bad quality stuff.” 

That is why it’s crucial that you have at LEAST 5 social media accounts. We like to call these “The Big Five”:

And in our services below, you’ll notice that we actually include even more in addition to these. These include Tumblr and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular and sine Tumblr allows you your own subdomain blog, it’s especially good for SEO purposes! 

So all in all, that’s at least 5-10 hours a day you would have to spend managing your accounts. Then you’d have to take the time to gather up quality posts with an image and content so you could post them to your accounts. Sounding a bit tough? No wonder so many people struggle with this! It’s pretty much impossible for 1 person to do it all!

All in all you just have to realize that when it comes to your valuable time, you just can’t spend it on social media… 

Social Media Management Is A Bad Use Of Your Time

So then should we all just forget about social media and focus on paid advertising? Of course not! 

Social media is an AMAZING tool if used correctly. It gets you a huge amount of authority, great branding and it can be the source of a lot of customers and traffic. You just have to single yourself out and rise above the rest of the noise by putting in the work. And by you putting in the work, I really mean letting us handle everything for you! 

Imagine never lifting a finger to manage your social media again? How many hours would you save every day? If you’re doing it right, you should be saving yourself 5-10 hours of work a day. 

Let’s Do The Math…

Even if it’s 5, that’s ~1800 hours every year!

If you’re making 50$ per working hour, you’ve just lost out on $90,000 every year.

And that number is excluding all the new customers, brand authority, online presence and SEO benefits that you’ll get! 

And I’ll let you in on a little secret. You don’t need management forever! Once your social media gets to a certain level, something magical beings to happen: your accounts take on a life of their own and start to grow themselves!

What We Do

  • Facebook Management Account (Optional)
    • Facebook Business Page
  • Google Management Account (Optional)
    • Google Business Page
  • Instagram Account
  • Twitter Account
  • Pintrest Account
  • Tumblr Account
  • LinkedIn Account (Optional)
  • Social Media Account Interlinking
  • Setup of Automated Messaging
  • Website backlinking
  • Call To Action Setup
  • Account Following Actions
  • Account Unfollowing Actions 
  • Retweeting, Reblogging, Repinning Actions
  • Liking, Favouriting Actions
  • Commenting Actions
  • Timing of Actions 
  • Volume of Actions 
  • Targeted Accounts 
  • Blocked Accounts 
  • Follow Up Messages 
  • 3-4 Quality Content Posts/Week 
  • Quality Blog Content 
  • Quality Website Content 
  • Authority Websites 
  • SEO Strength From Outbound Links
  • Your Business Website Content 
  • Sales Content 
  • “Smart” Educational to Sales Content Ratio
  • Guaranteed Follower Growth
  • Increased Free Volume To Desired Call To Action(s): 
    • Website Visits 
    • Link Clicks 
    • E-mail Subscribers 
    • Phone Calls 
  • Increased Online Presence 
  • Improved Website SEO
  • Established Brand Authority 
  • Unlimited Support for Setup Period
  • Monthly Skype Calls (Optional)
  • E-mail Support

Monthly Business Updates

At the end of every month of management, you will be provided with detailed analytics and updates of how your social media accounts are doing. This includes updates on follower growth, message opportunities, collaboration invitations as well as growth strategy suggestions.

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