The 3 steps to getting customers online:

Connect. Convert. Conquer.

Hearing about everyone making money online but you just can't figure out how they're doing it? It's all about step 1 - very few people online know how to CONNECT properly...

Failing to market your business effectively is like winking to a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing but no one else does!

How are you going to get more clients when most of your clients don’t even know you’re there let alone how awesome you are? You could have the best business on the planet and thousands of people could benefit from your services but if those people can’t find you then it doesn’t matter.


So what do you do if you want more clients?

You will need a strategy that  keeps working when you can’t be – that will keep getting you more and more customers all the time day and night. Whether you’re sleeping, working on your business, at a party or lying on your couch. Every single second of the day, more customers should be able to find your business.

How is this possible?

It’s possible because of Google and the internet. And if you’re not taking advantage of Google then your customers are finding your competitors there every single day instead of you. 

But what about advertising?

Many of our clients actually ask us about advertising and sure it definitely has it’s place but you can’t just be advertising all the time. You’re constantly spending money when you do that and did you know that 65-80% of people actually click on the organic searches rather than the ads? Most people just skip right on over those ads you spend so much money on and go right to your competitors!

Okay, so you definitely need Google – that sounds easy, right? 

Well yes and no. Ranking in Google is easy but ranking well in Google is not easy. Did you know that over 70% of people NEVER go past the first page of Google? So you can’t just be on Page 354 with the millions of other businesses just like you – you need to stand out and be that 1 in a million.

So then the question becomes how do you get to the 1st page of Google?

It’s impossible, right? Only the giants can do it. It doesn’t work anymore. SEO is all a scam. SEO costs a fortune.


We rank thousands of keywords on page 1 AND hundreds in position 1 every single month.


Have strategies changed over the years? Of course! But we’ve changed too. We’ve adapted along with Google’s algorithm and we have the insider knowledge on how to get your website to the top so you’re getting clients/customers who are:

  1. Looking for you specifically
  2. Finding you at all hours of the day, even when you’re eating, sleeping, working or whatever else you like doing!
  3. Much more ready to buy than if you are the one advertising to them


You’ll get appointments all the time. You’ll start to be booked months in advance and you won’t have to lift a finger.

This is the beauty of SEO. 


So if you are sick of your business just another among the millions online somewhere in the depths of a Google search and if you’re sick of paying tons of money for pay per click advertising for super low conversion rates, then keep reading because we’ve got a solution for you!


How to Make Your Business 1 in a Million (On Google)


Give your Business a traceable mark with SEO! Businesses are constantly popping up out of nowhere all over the internet. Everyone has fear of missing out in this new entrepreneurial world. This makes business competition tougher than ever. Everyone’s goal is to be on top. And to be on top, you have to outrun them or entirely beat them on the hierarchy that is Google’s search engine – in other words, get yourself to PAGE 1!

Lots of people will tell you SEO doesn’t work anymore. This is NOT TRUE! SEO still works and it works well if you know how to do it properly and we’ll prove it to you for free if you keep reading.


What you do is what makes your business grow and succeed. Finding the right way to present your business online is crucial. That is why it is imperative to have the inner scope in every new marketing strategy and latest SEO techniques. Missing out in any of these can result in wasting a lot of time all while getting barely any results.

Remember that the details count! Why? It’s adding up all the little thinks like backlinks and guest posting that end up delivering the results for your business. Sound time consuming? That’s because it is! So why not let someone else do it for you?


Emerge Powerful. What no one often realizes is that SEO marketing can be compared with storytelling. In every business, there are stories that inform, influence and transform the customers or clients who end up purchasing products.

The more powerful your business’ story or content, the larger the chance you’ll have the lead in any business competition. But it is not just about telling the story. It’s also about the details (again!)

Having the right keywords, alt tags, images, and videos on your website gives your business a way to be recognized. It will serve as a touchpoint that defines the possible boost of your business growth and eventually success. You CAN conquer the battle of Google’s search engine!

This may all sound too good to be true but this is how the successful businesses are doing it. This is what the other guy knows that you don’t. The business with the highest investment in SEO will always do better long-term.

AND to prove to you that it works and we can do it for you, simply sign up and in 1-2 weeks we’ll get back to you with your website ranked for a FREE KEYWORD on Page 1 of Google. That’s right, 100% free!

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