This package has the potential to dramatically change your business and your life. It is for business owners who have started their own online business and want to grow it to elite levels in order to: 

  • Achieve their cash flow goals
  • Scale and establish their business as a major player online
  • Reach a much larger customer base
  • Become an expert/leader in the field
  • Quit their day jobs
  • Have the option of living entirely off business profits
  • Reinvest profits into other business ventures

Please note that we are only able to take on a select few clients for this management service because of the investment in time, resources and 1-on-1 support.  

this ultimate business management package can change your life

How Do You Feel About Your Business Now?


I want you to take a minute and think about how you feel about your business right now. Is it…






All of the above? 

When I was starting my first business online, I was overwhelmed. I was so scared I was going to do something wrong or say something wrong, that I wasn’t experienced enough, that things wouldn’t get done on time. I was frustrated that I wasn’t making as much money as I needed to keep running my business. But I was also proud of what I was doing and I wanted more than anything to make it successful.

I’ll bet that you also want to make your business succeed more than anything. And I’ll bet you’re working yourself to the bone to get there. Are you spending hours posting on social media trying to get the text just right, or making sure you have just the right keyword for your next blog post, or trying to get one opt-in form to look perfect on your website?

This Is Not A Good Use Of Your Time

But unfortunately, if this kind of time isn’t being put into your business then it won’t be done right. It is getting more and more competitive by the day for online businesses and it takes a lot of effort to rise above the competition.

How many hours would you save every day with professional help? Five? Seven? Ten? Let’s Go Through The Math…

Even if it’s five, that’s  over 1800 hours every year! If you’re making on average just 50$ per working hour from your business, you’ve just lost out on $91,000 every year.

You Could Be Losing Out On $91,000 Every Year

And that’s excluding all the cash flow from the new customers you’ll get, the new social media followers you’ll have and the whole new level of online presence you’ll attain.

What Does "Unicorn Package" Mean?


The Unicorn Package symbolizes the creation of a unicorn company. If you are not familiar with what those are, a unicorn company is a start up valued at over 1 billion dollars. Does that sound far fetched? To be perfectly honest, that is because it is.

Creating a 1 billion dollar company is not easy. Only a hand full of people have done it and that’s because it requires the perfect blend of timing, resources, customer readiness, market readiness, social readiness and the secret ingredient: LUCK.

Although I wish I could, I cannot guarantee that your company will be worth 1 billion dollars if you work with us for a year or even two years. 

What I can guarantee you, however, is that if you decide to work with us, in a matter of months your sales will increase dramatically, your online presence will double at least and your company will be worth a lot more than it is right now. 

“Your Sales Will Increase Dramatically”

So what does that really mean? It means that I can guarantee you rankings on Google, I can guarantee you lots and lots of traffic, I can guarantee you social media presence and I can guarantee you proven strategies to help your business grow and grow fast. It may not be enough to value you at 1 billion dollars but is a few million really so bad? 

#1 Google Rankings Guaranteed...

What We Do


Monthly Business Updates

At the end of every month of management, you will be provided with detailed analytics and updates of how your business is doing. This includes complete Google ranking updates and their evolution over time, complete social media presence updates and their evolution over time, updates on website maintenance and organization, updates on business plan and growth strategy suggestions.

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