So How Do You Get Ranked On Page 1?


In order to get ranked on Page 1 and even in Position 1 is to do the following things consistently for at least 3 months: 

  • Solid Social Media Presence On At Least 5 Accounts
  • Proper Keyword Choice
  • 3-7x Keyword Placement In Articles (No Keyword Stuffing)
  • Keyword In Post/Page Title
  • SEO Title & Description With Keyword
  • At Least 2 Articles Per Week Based on Proper Keywords
  • Orignial Content
  • 3+ Images Per Post/Page With Proper Alt Text
  • Post/Page Publishing Evenly Spaced Out
  • Daily Website Updates Of Content
  • 1+ Outbound Link To Authority Site
  • Bonus: Video Per Post/Page
  • Bonus: 3+ Backlinks Per Post/Page

But All Of This Takes Up A Lot Of Time

If you’re doing even just some of these things you’ll know how much time this takes up. Each quality article that you write should take between 2-4 hours if you’re taking the time to research your content well. 

So that’s already between 4 and 8 hours every week. Then factor in an hour or so of research for the keywords, another hour to update your website, another hour for the rest of the On Page SEO and finally 2 hours to create quality backlinks. And this excludes all the work for managing the social media accounts that you’ll need, which is about 35 hours a week

Let’s Do The Math…

In total, SEO should take up at least 44 hours a week, which is almost a full time job. If you’re making 50$ per working hour on your business, you’ve just lost out on $114,400 every year. And this number excludes all the value and potential sales wrapped up in all the traffic you’ll get and how much your business presence will grow in general.


You Could Save $114,400 Every Year

So save money, never lift a finger again and rank consistently on Page 1…

What We Do


  • Optimize Every Website Page 
  • Optimize Keyword Placement 
  • Optimize Image Placement & Alt Text
  • Implement And Then Optimize Video & Image Utilization
  • + 10 New Researched Keywords For Your Business 
  • Optimized For You With Highest Chance Of Rankings 
  • Content Creation For Your Website 
  • Quality, Useful Content
  • No Spin Content 
  • 100% Original 
  • + 10 Articles Per Month (800 Words) 
  • Page 1 Google Rankings GUARANTEED
  • Traffic Generation GUARANTEED
  • Skype/Phone Calls
  • E-mail Support

Monthly Business Updates

At the end of every month of management, you will be provided with detailed analytics and updates of how your rankings have improved. Included will be page rankings and ranking evolution, the keyword searches that are leading to your website, what keywords to focus on in the future and general strategies on how to proceed.

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