The Business Plan.

A key component for any serious company. You'll need a quality business plan so that investors, banks and other financing entities to take you seriously. Furthermore, the financial projections will not only help you stay focused on your business goals but it will also help your team, not to mention your accountants!

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clear yet complete structure

The main body of the proposal will contain the following sections: 

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Details
  3. Product/Service Description
  4. Marketing & Sales Strategy
  5. Human Resources 
  6. Financials
  7. Summary & Conclusions

The main sections will be framed with professional structure and formatting. We pay exceptional close attention to detail.

competitor research

Our team makes sure that the most recent and thorough competitor research is conducted so that we know exactly what areas to focus on and highlight. This way you will immediately stand out from the crowd. This also allows us to recommend adjustments and improvements to your service as well as tweaks to your pricing. 


Graphs, charts and tables will represent all the key data that potential clients will be looking for. With attention spans dropping more by the day, having a proporsal that is easy to understand and navigate while being visually appealing to the eye is crucial.

professional visuals


financial projections

Financial Projections

Financial statements included are balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. Monthly income statements and cash flow statements will be created and the balance sheets will be predicted on a yearly basis.

market research

Market Research

Premium market research in order to predict market size, market value, create sales strategies, execution timelines and sales forecasts. This way you'll know exactly how big your market is, whether it's growing, how fast it's growing and where advertising efforts should be placed.

Easy Reference Guide & Instruction Manual

Refer to the business plan every time that someone from your team asks you something, you need a refresher about where you stand or you want to compare your current position with your previously set goals. Furthermore, use it as an instruction manual by sending pieces to new hires & outsourcers.

Order From Your Phone With 1 Click

It has really never been easier to get a complete, professional business plan. You can order it directly from wherever you are right now whether that is your desktop or even your phone with one simple click. Just scroll down and click the "Order Now" button.

Facilitates Team Communication

Having a business plan helps to focus the mission of your business and gives the whole team a vision of where the business could go. Furthermore, it really helps to coordinate marketing and sales.

All Wrapped Up In 1 PDF Document

You get all of this wrapped into a single PDF document as well as a copy in DOCX for easy editing purposes. Document length can range from 30 - 100 pages depending on the amount of information you provide us with and the amount of research we accumulate. After your order, ask us and we'll send you a laminated, bound hard copy for investors & banks free of charge!


It has never been easier to get a complete, professional business plan in just 2 weeks. Appearing more professional will facilitate financing, hiring and increase team confidence!

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