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Online Business Coach

We will act as a coach for you as you start your online business, giving you instruction and support every step of the way so that you’re sure to succeed. 

We can work with you to come up a viable online business idea for you including the necessary budget, timeline and resulting cash flow.

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Business Strategy

We Provide A Detailed Review Of Lead Acquisition, Platform Analysis, Branding, Basic SEO, Cost Per Customer, Product/Service Analysis and more…

Social Media

Set up, optimize & manage 7 social media accounts in order to grow your online brand presence and customer base. 


Provide complete SEO services including content creation, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO to get consistent Page 1 Google Rankings. 

The Unicorn Package

Your fast track to success. An all inclusive management package inspired by “unicorn companies” that are valued at over 1 billion dollars…


Your Biz Assistant works both with startups and established businesses in order to improve their online customer/client journey, brand presence and profitability. Our solutions are always tailored to your business goals rather than using a cut-and-paste approach. We are constantly evolving with online changes in order to take advantage the newest trends as well as implementing long-term strategies that create a lasting and cumulative impact. Check out our sister blog if you’re more of a DIY type of person: Don’t Want A Boss

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Let's Do the math

In total, SEO should take up at least 44 hours a week, which is almost a full time job. If you’re making 50$ per working hour on your business, you’ve just lost out on $114,400 every year. And this number excludes all the value and potential sales wrapped up in all the traffic you’ll get and how much your business presence will grow in general.

Time is money

Your time is money. You have a certain hourly earning potential. Don’t waste your time doing things that you could pay someone else a lot less to do (like us!) We’re set up to take care of your needs so stop stressing and start growing.